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บาคาร่า is the historical and the classical games seen in the casinos which is still played today. It has an interesting history that dates back centuries. There is a lot of written history that surrounds baccarat. Some historians believe that this game dates back to many centuries. The name of this game is said to have come from an Italian word that means ‘zero’. 

Many historical stories revolve around the game of baccarat. There are two interesting stories of how the game was invented, with one of them being related to a mythological concept and another talks about an Italian gambler.

Mythological Story

According to the mythological story, there was a virgin and he used to perform an old Etruscan ritual with the nine gods who are waiting for her fate to be revealed. While the blonde rolled nine-sided dice, the gods have to wait. The die was there to set the blonde’s fate. 

Now, her faith is dependent on the number that dice shows. She can now have only one from all the fates. If the dice shows an eight or nine the virgin would have to be treated like a priestess.

However, if the die landed on a six or seven she would have to be outcasted by the church as well as banned from religious practice. If the number that landed is less than six then she would have to walk in sea and will perish forever. 

The story of Italian Gambler

Now, it is important to note that there is a lot of argument around the place of origin of this game. Some belief the place to be Italy while others argue that it was France. However, the most outdated story is of an Italian gambler called Felix. This story is from 1490 AD and this game was invented by including the Tarot cards deck. 

Tarot cards are primarily used to predict the faith of a person. There is a total of 4 suits of tarot cards. In the earliest of days, this game was played only by the nobleman and aristocrats. This game of baccarat was also played in utmost secrecy as it was illegal back then. However, the government realized its popularity and legalized it while making it a way to earn taxes. This tax helped the poor so; it also gave a moral ground for the rich to play. 

The baccarat became an extremely popular game. It slowly started growing in the hearts of European people and spread outside the continent as well. South America was the first western area of the Atlantic Ocean where Baccarat was played.

In the 1950s an Americanized version of บาคาร่า was also introduced to the world by Tommy Renzoni. This method was a combination of two already popular methods namely European Baccarat and the French ‘Chermin de for. 

Over time of playing this game has changed exponentially and there are various forms to it now. The fun and thrill are still there. The history that surrounds it only makes it more fascinating.

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